Creative Team 2015 :: Project: #mystorybythedecade: What’s Your Story?

I am so excited to be on the Creative Team for this FABULOUS workshop by Retrohipmama:

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It’s only $20!!! Retrohipmama and Kristymakes made 25+ BEAUTiFUL cards for this class. They are really fun to use and make the feel of the decades come alive. Now this doesn’t have to be a huge project. You can tell your story with one page, or if you’re like me and love making pages then make a bunch! I made 11 double-sided pages. The cards are so inspiring!!

$20!!! You won’t be disappointed.

🙂 Here’s a little sneak from me:

I look forward to seeing you in our group!


Blackberry Memories

When I was little, my grandparents lived in the dry, hot, country outside of Sacramento in the then little town of Elk Grove, California. They had long rows of blackberries and raspberries and I remember walking along those rows picking the berries off of the little stem and eating them, right there. They were like delicious little fruit candies. Sometimes I would go out there alone and pick them but most times my grandma would go out with me. They were so good but the memory is even better.

My grandma holding me where the blackberries and raspberries would later be.

One of my favorite photos. I think it shows our special relationship. I was her first and only granddaughter, after all.


I like my relatives.



This was time consuming but fun to make. Each family has their own 12×12 frame. The other frames are filled with miscellaneous family photos. Even though it ooh a long time and many trips, with coupons, to the frame store, I think it came out fabulous.

This is my father’s family: his mother, father, brother and himself. And the husband and wife as a couple. Their last name as well as their first names are also in the frame. And all papers coordinate, some are duplicated for a cohesive and calm look. The photos are the most important thing. I made the name plates and the hearts out of coordinating papers, but all the frames have them.