A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: The Last Prompt #5: Love Yourself :: 2015

Prompt #5: Love Yourself.

Sounds simple enough but I actually had to google it to see the definition. I never thought of how I love myself. You always hear that you need to love yourself before you can love anyone else but for me I don’t believe that to be true. In my life I have found that by loving others, particularly my children, husband, mom and dad, I have learned to love myself. My father left when I was 6 and died when I was 9 so loving myself…hmm. When you’re a child, that leads you to believe that if your own father leaves you, how could he love you, and then how can you love yourself. That was 43 years ago and while it took me a very long time to recover emotionally, I guess I can say that while I don’t think of ‘loving myself’ in that sense but maybe I take care of myself. Which I guess is loving myself. Can you see how I struggled with such a simple prompt? 🙂 But I did it. I faced it. I thought about it and then I made a page about it.

There was a free brush script to use on your #myselfiescrapbook layout and see the blog post about the prompt: Love Yourself:


I love myself by decorating, no matter how small, for the season or holidays. Being a stay-at-home mom I’m home more than anyone else. So I need to make this a happy place for me. And them. But mostly for me. 🙂

The suggestion is to also sign your album. I think that’s a great idea! But this is going into a ‘special project’ album, so I’m signing the final page of #myselfiescrapbook

This great wood camera came from Take Ten Kits which you can find here: http://www.thestudio29design.com

And here’s the conclusion pocket:

Here he is! The one that caused me so much emotional turmoil! But I never stopped loving him. Ever. And he’ll always be 32 years old. The words say:  My Favorite: Accepting my childhood helps me love myself.

I’m so proud of that!!

And the final double 12×12 layout:

…..     …..     …..     …..

Thank you Jennifer Lake for this lovely, thought provoking project.

Here is her last post for this project: http://www.jenniferlake.com/2015/05/myselfiescrapbook-final-blog-hop.html

I LOVED it!!!

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A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #4: How I Thrive :: 2015

I am loving this project!

You can find this fabulous project here: Sunlight & Air blog: http://www.jenniferlake.com

Jennifer Lake of Sunlight & Air has a non-curable disease called Chiari Malformation she had to deal with as soon as possible in the middle of this project. It would be her THIRD neurosurgery in TEN months. I encourage you to read her blog about this and do something to help her with her medical costs here:


This came up in the middle of this project and the How I Thrive prompt came about because of it.

She decided to add a prompt and this was it: How I Thrive

And she challenged each of us to think about what makes us thrive. That’s what I love about this project: It makes you think about a topic that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily think about on your own as you document your everyday life.

Sometimes how you thrive is simple like mine is: family, art and sweets. Sure other things make me thrive but basically that’s really all I need every day to make me happy. Well, I think a vacation would also make me thrive but that’s another blog post: http://blacksheepbetsy.com/2015/01/15/project-life-we-need-a-vacation-2015/

Prompt #4: How I Thrive

I really like these different blocks with letters.

And here are the left and right sides that face each other in my album.

Here is the post from Jennifer Lake’s blog: Sunlight & Air: How I Thrive


Catch up with #myselfiescrapbook here: http://www.jenniferlake.com

and you can start anytime- just look on her blog!!

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A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook :: Prompt #2: Let’s See Me/From Where I Stand + Prompt #3: One Look: 3 Ways :: 2015

This has been such great fun for me!

You can find this fabulous project here: Sunlight & Air blog:  www.jenniferlake.com

I’m using bright paper from Messy Box and a few other papers from my stash. I’m also brightening up my photos a little to match. I’m 52 so filters are important to me. hahaha. No, seriously.

I decided to put my #myselfiescrapbook pages in a Project Life album that I’m just putting projects in. I didn’t want to make a whole other 4×4 album. I’ve been scrapbooking for 15 years and my kids will have to deal with my scrapbooks at some point.

…..     …..     …..     …..

This weeks page includes This week includes 2 parts of

Prompt #2: Let’s See Me/From Where I Stand

The first part is a photo revealing your whole self, not just hands, face, hair, shirt or whatever. Also somehow, I also have From Where I Stand on either side of the Let’s See Me photo- so it’s little mixed up but came out okay.

Also on this same page on the bottom row:

Prompt #3: One Look, 3 Ways

Top pockets: Prompt #2: Let’s See Me

I couldn’t resist using this wood frame that I stamped #selfie. Stamp is by Take Ten Kits. You can find them here: http://www.thestudio29design.com

Bottom pockets: Prompt #3: One look, 3 ways. I did 3 earrings with a dress but the jean jacket took over the photos. However, the earrings also matched the navy printed long dress.


I used tiny alphas on clear squares on a label.

I’m having a lot of fun with this project. My Project Life albums are about what I like about life, not necessarily a photo journal of our family life. With one child away at college, and the other away in another city there aren’t much ‘family’ photos or events- but when there are, I catch them all!

Here are the left and right side facing pages: Prompts 1, 2 and 3 plus the tab I made.

…..     …..     …..     …..

Here is Jennifer Lake’s Prompt #2: From Where I Stand: http://www.jenniferlake.com/2015/04/myselfiescrapbook-from-where-i-stand.html

And here is her Prompt #3: One Look, 4 Ways (mine is 3 ways)


You can start this project anytime- just look on her blog for her #myselfiescrapbook posts!

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A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #1: Just Start. :: 2015

A Selfie Challenge!


You can also do this awesome challenge: feel free to jump in anytime – I did! Go to the Sunlight & Air blog at http://www.jenniferlake.com There are also photos, downloads and lots of ideas there. Plus you can go to Instagram and look at the tag: #myselfiescrapbook for even more ideas!

…..     ……     ……     …..     …..

Prompt #1: Just start.

Use a timer on your phone to get a different kind of selfie and take these photos- or take regular selfies- I just figured out there was timer on my phone!

1. Let’s see those hands

2. My favorite shirt

3. My favorite hairstyle

4. My favorite jewelry

5. What I carry

Here’s my Prompt #1: Just Start

Just start + My favorite shirt + My favorite jewelry

Let’s see those hands + My favorite hairstyle=changed to Good hair day 🙂

What I carry

and the final 12×12 layout:

One more…most people are putting these in a separate 4×4 Instagram size photo album but I’m putting mine in a separate 12×12 ‘special projects’ Project Life album. Here’s what I did:

Here’s my double layout:

Here is Jennifer Lake’s layout from Prompt #1: Just start:


Also see more info, photos and downloads!

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Project Life Album :: October 2014

The month of October! What a fun month it was to choose the colors and cards for. Plus it’s fall- a new season, a new beginning. And apparently I love a patchwork of colors.

This is the left side of the double 12×12 October 2014 layout in my Project Life album.

I love using small pieces of paper and my Tiny Attacher.

The World Series- the amazing games they played! And babysitting a tortoise. (He is pretty cute.)

My first Project Life kit: Holidays and Seasons. I actually bought two and I’m still using both. I like the colors and the fonts.

This is the right side of the 12×12 double October 2014 layout.

I have a tag for every month to summarize what I did, and what the family did that month.

The tags can slide in and out. This month’s tag even has sequins and beads.

For this month, I also made a slide card for Halloween- just for fun. Text on one side and a photo on the other. I also used more sequins and beads on the skeleton eyes.

Driving a few hours out to visit our 99 year old aunt. I thought it would be fun to add a geotag to indicate a new location.

Here are both pages, side by side. The way they sit in my Project Life album. I think it looks very autumn-y. Happy Fall!


Take Ten Kits :: Project Life :: Shopping :: August 2014

 I had the perfect shopping cards both large and small from Take Ten Kits for my shopping layout!

Even though we didn’t get his school clothes from Target, we are constantly going there for various items- it’s basically across the street from where we live.


My cat Chloe is looking at my Project Life album thinking about the scrapbooking stuff she needs.

My mother. Oh, how she loved shopping. Her favorite place was Loehmann’s by far. She passed away last year and this was the perfect place to keep the card that she passed down to me, and then my daughter. My daughter’s $250 prom dress was only $37 after she used the card and coupon. My mother and my daughter were very pleased about that!

My friend and I went out to an antique show on their opening day and we were very excited. It was pretty fun and then we went and had lunch afterwards. And on the tag, I wrote about the whole month of August, not just about the photos.

 This layout wasn’t too fussy and didn’t have a lot of embellishments but the graphics were so great it didn’t need any!

Take Ten Kits: only $10 a month without commitment! Opt out any month.

Find Take Ten Kits here: http://www.thestudio29design.com