Project Life :: College Visit :: October 2015

Sure, he’s only a junior but it’s never too early to look at colleges.

Especially if it’s in San Francisco.

Yes, it was foggy. But it cleared up.

The grey-brown cards from Becky Higgin’s Prismatic and Picturesque kits are perfect for this city layout.

I used some rose gold dotted wash tape and a few puffy stickers.

And to finish it off, a trusty date stamp.

One college down, several more to go.

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And the fog rolls in. It is San Francisco, after all.

It was a sunny, late afternoon in June while driving towards San Francisco.

Then a fog wave came in. I hadn’t seen the fog come in quite like this before.

Soon, we were entering a dense fog.

Once we got into San Francisco, the fog wasn’t as dense.

And on the way home, it felt like the typical early evening San Francisco summer fog we were driving out of.