Take Ten Kits: The California State Fair :: July 2014

The Take Ten Kit is a fabulous $10 kit!! All kinds of beautiful cards, flair, enamel dots, wood pieces, sticky letters…I love it all. It also challenges me to make a page or two with pieces of the kit. The kit has enough items for many pages, by the way. It allows me to work with products I may not choose on my own. Plus a lot of the items are made just for Take Ten Kits.

This is the actual post I did the day we drove to the fair. And argue? We did.

I am thankful that we were able to get together to go to the fair again this year. It’s one of our biggest family traditions. I look forward to it all year!

The website for Take Ten Kits: http://www.thestudio29designs.com

They also have Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Check them out!