The hauntings begin…

It begins.

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Blackberry Memories

When I was little, my grandparents lived in the dry, hot, country outside of Sacramento in the then little town of Elk Grove, California. They had long rows of blackberries and raspberries and I remember walking along those rows picking the berries off of the little stem and eating them, right there. They were like delicious little fruit candies. Sometimes I would go out there alone and pick them but most times my grandma would go out with me. They were so good but the memory is even better.

My grandma holding me where the blackberries and raspberries would later be.

One of my favorite photos. I think it shows our special relationship. I was her first and only granddaughter, after all.


Unraveling the Clematis.

When I bought this Clematis I didn’t think it would take too long to unravel.

It was such a beautiful plant and I knew it would be worth the time. Even more so when a lady came to my basket and tried to take it from me. Some. people.

It took me and hour just to unravel it. But it reached all the way around the top of this bamboo thing.


Beautiful. And it blooms and blooms.