Fun at the lake.

My son went to visit his uncle, aunt and cousin. I have never seen this side of my son although I know it exists. If I was there I probably wouldn’t have let him jump into a lake. But I’m glad he did. When I was his age, I did, too. Now I just need to find out the name of that lake…

This is, for sure, his happy place. Enjoying nature in the warm sun, adventurous, blissful. The feather and the geocard are perfect for this.

He was born in March so I chose green, and of course the lucky symbol. But really, we’re the lucky ones. 

My feathers up close. My husband sewed them for me.

His birthdate circled.

The lake and the 15th birthday pages will face each other in my 12×12 album, then and now photos. I love them.