Beginning Anew :: My first place :: 2015

Moving into your first place is always exciting. Working to make the money, decorating with things and colors you love, feeling like a grown up.This tells the story of Grandma and the apartment she left her for us.

Paper doilies and sequins sewn on. 

Grandma lived here for ten years so going through her things was hard on us. We were very close. 

She would have been very proud of her granddaughter’s accomplishments. And happy that she is now living in a space that was once hers.

Being ‘home’ feels great!

While this layout shows the change of the apartment, it was an emotional few weeks going though Grandma’s things. But it’s all turned out just lovely.

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Project Life :: A new place to be :: 2015

Someone else also had a new beginning this year.

New job, new town, new place.

Probably one of my simpler layouts and it fits his aesthetic for his new place perfectly. I think it looks peaceful.

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Beginning Anew: Then and Now :: 2015

Who would have thought all those years ago that she’d be working in the kid’s theater department dancing and more!

Working full-time on her break from school.

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Beginning Anew: And she’s on her way! :: 2015

This is Page 2 in the Beginning Anew album for that certain someone.

I love the way it’s coming along so far.

She took a semester off to ‘live her life’ and she’s doing just that and not wasting a minute!

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