Frosty the Snowman


Layers of his favorite things.



This is everything I could find to celebrate my number 1 son. He’s a creative type who loves film, photos, art, writing, movies, music, records, old toys…i think that covers just a few of his favorite things. This will be the front page of the new 12×12 album I am making for him. I always like to make the front page and the back page at the same time so they kind of match. For me, it ties the whole album together.

A layering view. I had so much fun making this page. This new kind of scrapbooking (for me) is growing on me quite rapidly.

The last page of the album. Prepped and ready to go…no matter when the album is finished.

Swirl cut out and splattered with white.

The front page and the prepped back page of the new 12×12 album. Can’t wait to get started on it.