A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook :: Prompt #2: Let’s See Me/From Where I Stand + Prompt #3: One Look: 3 Ways :: 2015

This has been such great fun for me!

You can find this fabulous project here: Sunlight & Air blog:  www.jenniferlake.com

I’m using bright paper from Messy Box and a few other papers from my stash. I’m also brightening up my photos a little to match. I’m 52 so filters are important to me. hahaha. No, seriously.

I decided to put my #myselfiescrapbook pages in a Project Life album that I’m just putting projects in. I didn’t want to make a whole other 4×4 album. I’ve been scrapbooking for 15 years and my kids will have to deal with my scrapbooks at some point.

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This weeks page includes This week includes 2 parts of

Prompt #2: Let’s See Me/From Where I Stand

The first part is a photo revealing your whole self, not just hands, face, hair, shirt or whatever. Also somehow, I also have From Where I Stand on either side of the Let’s See Me photo- so it’s little mixed up but came out okay.

Also on this same page on the bottom row:

Prompt #3: One Look, 3 Ways

Top pockets: Prompt #2: Let’s See Me

I couldn’t resist using this wood frame that I stamped #selfie. Stamp is by Take Ten Kits. You can find them here: http://www.thestudio29design.com

Bottom pockets: Prompt #3: One look, 3 ways. I did 3 earrings with a dress but the jean jacket took over the photos. However, the earrings also matched the navy printed long dress.


I used tiny alphas on clear squares on a label.

I’m having a lot of fun with this project. My Project Life albums are about what I like about life, not necessarily a photo journal of our family life. With one child away at college, and the other away in another city there aren’t much ‘family’ photos or events- but when there are, I catch them all!

Here are the left and right side facing pages: Prompts 1, 2 and 3 plus the tab I made.

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Here is Jennifer Lake’s Prompt #2: From Where I Stand: http://www.jenniferlake.com/2015/04/myselfiescrapbook-from-where-i-stand.html

And here is her Prompt #3: One Look, 4 Ways (mine is 3 ways)


You can start this project anytime- just look on her blog for her #myselfiescrapbook posts!

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A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #1: Just Start. :: 2015

A Selfie Challenge!


You can also do this awesome challenge: feel free to jump in anytime – I did! Go to the Sunlight & Air blog at http://www.jenniferlake.com There are also photos, downloads and lots of ideas there. Plus you can go to Instagram and look at the tag: #myselfiescrapbook for even more ideas!

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Prompt #1: Just start.

Use a timer on your phone to get a different kind of selfie and take these photos- or take regular selfies- I just figured out there was timer on my phone!

1. Let’s see those hands

2. My favorite shirt

3. My favorite hairstyle

4. My favorite jewelry

5. What I carry

Here’s my Prompt #1: Just Start

Just start + My favorite shirt + My favorite jewelry

Let’s see those hands + My favorite hairstyle=changed to Good hair day 🙂

What I carry

and the final 12×12 layout:

One more…most people are putting these in a separate 4×4 Instagram size photo album but I’m putting mine in a separate 12×12 ‘special projects’ Project Life album. Here’s what I did:

Here’s my double layout:

Here is Jennifer Lake’s layout from Prompt #1: Just start:


Also see more info, photos and downloads!

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