Creative Team 2015 :: Project: #mystorybythedecade : What’s Your Story?

🙂 Online class: My Story By The Decade: 1950-1999

And I’m on the Design Team!!

The My Story by the Decade workshop is in full effect today – did you register?

When you register, you get:

-Access to a private classroom
-6 days of inspiration from myself, kristy taylor, jessica upton, kelli rich and  cynthia sorci
-Over 25 exclusively designed 3×4 pocket cards to help guide your layouts
-An album full of your childhood memories!
-Cost is just $20!

You can make a few pages or several- all about you.

Another sneak peek from me above!

Decade cards made just for us by:

@retrohipmama and @kristymakes

I look forward to seeing you there!

Creative Team 2015 :: Project: #mystorybythedecade: What’s Your Story?

I am so excited to be on the Creative Team for this FABULOUS workshop by Retrohipmama:

🙂 Sign up here:

It’s only $20!!! Retrohipmama and Kristymakes made 25+ BEAUTiFUL cards for this class. They are really fun to use and make the feel of the decades come alive. Now this doesn’t have to be a huge project. You can tell your story with one page, or if you’re like me and love making pages then make a bunch! I made 11 double-sided pages. The cards are so inspiring!!

$20!!! You won’t be disappointed.

🙂 Here’s a little sneak from me:

I look forward to seeing you in our group!


And the fog rolls in. It is San Francisco, after all.

It was a sunny, late afternoon in June while driving towards San Francisco.

Then a fog wave came in. I hadn’t seen the fog come in quite like this before.

Soon, we were entering a dense fog.

Once we got into San Francisco, the fog wasn’t as dense.

And on the way home, it felt like the typical early evening San Francisco summer fog we were driving out of.