Project Life Album :: 40 Days of the Holiday Season: Thanksgiving to Christmas :: 2014

Wait..’30 Days of ..’ starts today?!

For some reason when I read ’30 Days of..’ and ‘Dec Daily’ I thought they were the same thing.ish.

Why? I have no idea. I guess it’s the way my brain works. So, I thought the ’30 Days’ thing started at Thanksgiving to go until Christmas (because the word ‘thanks’ was involved). So, because fun here doesn’t start until Thanksgiving (the kids are home then Christmas prep begins). So I decided to do 40 Days. Yes, 40. But if you do ’30 Days of Thanks’ and then ‘Dec Daily’, it’s actually more than 40 days so I’m not doing too bad. I’m just doing it all together. For a big ’40 Days of Thankfulness’. It’ll go in my regular PL album. And I’ll do whatever I am thankful each day, probably. So I’m doing Thanksgiving until my son goes back to school on January something. This is my start pocket and I’m saving matching papers for the last day.

Also, my PL album is just about me and what I like about life. And I do monthly and add special event or occasion pages, if needed. I have a separate 12×12 family Christmas album and the kids have their own 12×12 albums.

Happy November to all! And may you all be less confused than I am!

Project Life Album :: Flashback: Let’s Bake a Pie :: October 2014

This layout makes me feel and warm and fuzzy. My husband is the one who makes pie.

And the only pie he makes is his recipe for

::  Rustic Country Apple Pie  ::

And he always makes it on Thanksgiving.

For this layout I used the Take Ten Kit for October 2014.

More FaBuLoUs pieces: cards: Be Grateful, Fall Favorites and the Joy quote card.

The wood pieces: leaf, autumn, and Bushels of Fun banner

And the wash and Fun clip are also from this month. The little red chevron enamel is from a prior month’s kit.

Fall Favorites Take Ten Kits card. So many great things happen in the fall!

My son loves to help his dad make the pie! As you can tell by his face he is definitely having fun. Fun clip in October 2014 kit.

The final touches before the pies go into the oven. This is a serious job! And he’s having Bushels of fun. Card from this month’s Take Ten Kit.

Washi, Grateful card as well as the wood leaf are all from this month’s kit!

This Joy card is from this month’s take Ten Kit. At this time of year sometimes it’s easy to compare traditions that other people have that you may think are better or more fun. The grass is not greener on the other side. I looked. 🙂

The pies are soooo delicious!!! I’m so glad we all go to the trouble to make this day special. It’s usually just the 5 of us and with our busy schedules it’s nice to just have each other to concentrate on. The autumn wood piece is from October 2014’s Take Ten Kit.

I love this 2 page layout. My first time using the pages with the 4×4 pockets. I had to cut down the Joy card- I had to! I love it so much!

This Pie page will face the Plugged In page. You can find that page in another blog post: check it out!

Thank you take Ten Kits for another great kit!

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Take Ten Kits by The Studio 29 Design:

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