Beginning Anew :: My first place :: 2015

Moving into your first place is always exciting. Working to make the money, decorating with things and colors you love, feeling like a grown up.This tells the story of Grandma and the apartment she left her for us.

Paper doilies and sequins sewn on. 

Grandma lived here for ten years so going through her things was hard on us. We were very close. 

She would have been very proud of her granddaughter’s accomplishments. And happy that she is now living in a space that was once hers.

Being ‘home’ feels great!

While this layout shows the change of the apartment, it was an emotional few weeks going though Grandma’s things. But it’s all turned out just lovely.

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Project Life Album :: Midsummer Night’s Dream :: October 2014

A new play! My daughter plays Helena in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was a fast moving, funny play. I love watching her grow as a young woman and as an actor. She’s a talented girl.

This was an easy layout. Because there were so many colors in the photos, I decided to just use a plain colored paper to match the facing page even though they are different events.

I used a few pieces of the paper that matched the facing page. My mother-in-law, who loves theater, was happy to come out and see her granddaughter.

LOVE these wood drops from Pink Fresh Studio!

Also love my Tiny Attacher.

A ticket from the show, and a few pieces from the paper on the facing page. A cousin from out of state, our aunt, and our family enjoyed watching the play together!

These 2 pages will face each other in my Project Life Album. I used matching paper and little pieces to tie the pages together, color wise, so even though they are different unrelated events, they are still color coordinated.

We went to every night of my daughter’s play this time. It’s fun to see the variations from night to night. Plus one day things will change and we may not be able to see everything she does in theater so for now I’m enjoying spending the time with her. And doing things with my 2 other kids, too. They’re almost grown and gone. So, for today- I will enjoy them! Thanks for looking.


Blackberry Memories

When I was little, my grandparents lived in the dry, hot, country outside of Sacramento in the then little town of Elk Grove, California. They had long rows of blackberries and raspberries and I remember walking along those rows picking the berries off of the little stem and eating them, right there. They were like delicious little fruit candies. Sometimes I would go out there alone and pick them but most times my grandma would go out with me. They were so good but the memory is even better.

My grandma holding me where the blackberries and raspberries would later be.

One of my favorite photos. I think it shows our special relationship. I was her first and only granddaughter, after all.


Mother’s Day: my mother and the other women in my life.

These women are so important to me. Each of them encouraged me to be who I am, accepted me for me, loved me, and helped me see how to be a better wife and mother.

Behind each woman: my mom, grandma’s, great grandma and mother-in-law, are tags that tell why they are important and special to me. The tags slide out so they can be read.

Each little element means something to each woman. I admit I went a little crazy with the glitter but a few of them loved glitter and sparkle so it’s definitely represented here.

Records, tickets, fine china, cat-eye glasses, pink, seam tape, papers…it all means something to me about them.

The Mothers Day and Fathers Day layouts will face each other in my 12×12 album.