Project Life Album :: First Day of School :: August 2014

Back to school..high school..sophomore year. He loves his school and we love it, too. Education is so important for a successful future and this Take Ten Kit card is perfect: Education is what remains after one had forgotten what one had learned in school. -Albert Einstein. School colors are blue and white, the paper with glasses worked great for my son’s photos. And of course we had to take a selfie at school on Back to School night. And the acrylic star and star in circle are so great!!

And always: Go Bells! LOVE the acrylic star and star in circle pieces from the Take Ten Kits!!

Take Ten Kit card from the August 2014 kit!!

My first pocket scrapbooking album- turns out I love this way of scrapbooking! Each pocket is like it’s own little scrapbook page! And my first kit subscription is to Take Ten Kits!

This Back-to-School page will face my Anniversary layout- lots of blues and greens. Thank you Take Ten Kits!!


The 5 of Us: Someone said we looked like a hipster family. (embarrassing)

A cousin wanted to take a photo of us because we all had our glasses on, which we didn’t realize. Kind of embarrassing to be called a hipster family at a party. It’s a great photo, though.

And the second photo is one of the 5 of us at my youngest’s birthday party. We don’t have all the same schedule so we have to make a date in advance to get together as a family. And the rule is now that we must take a family selfie. I love them.

These two 12×12 pages will face each other in my 12×12 album.

New beginnings…in my scrapbook world!

Welcome to my new blog! I am happy to be here and to share my new creative adventures with you.

I started out as a regular scrapbooker about 15 years ago with no knowledge at all about any of it. We were taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas and I knew I wanted to make an album with the photos I took. Well, I finished that album fast and I was hooked. Finally, I found a creative thing to do that involved many of the things I love: photos, writing, family, heritage, graphics, fonts, quotes, words, paper, photo albums and cutting little pieces of paper. About 5 years after that, I decided to become a Creative Memories Consultant. I was a CMC for 10 years, until the company closed and left many scrapbookers with a feeling of being lost. And then I discovered scrapbook shopping sites, local scrapbook stores, as well as other kinds of scrapbooking.

Which led me to Project Life. Oh boy. That’s a lot of fun! Each tiny pocket is like it’s own scrapbook page! I still work on my regular scrapbooks, mostly 12×12 size. But my Project Life album is all about me. No one in my family is interested in MY view of our life. I do the layouts by month and for this first album. I started in in October 2013 and plan to document my year from one birthday to the next. After that, I will decide if I will continue in that form, or move back primarily to regular scrapbooking.

I still work on albums for each of my 3 kids, ages adult to teen. I still enjoy that. I am still using up my CM products that I have left. BUT, as I said above, I also discovered the new-to-me scrapbooking which uses ephemera, one photo or many, ribbon, string, paper text, PL-like cards, stapling, sewing, ephemera, and even PL elements. So when I say I am staring a new creative venture, I’m not kidding. My eyes are wide open to everything I never looked at before. You may be familiar with other kinds, but I was not. I study the different kinds of scrapbooking, looking at the different kinds of photographs, looking at every element before I jump into my own project.

This is a lot of fun for me! Come and see what I’m up to. It’s all new to me. 🙂