A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #4: How I Thrive :: 2015

I am loving this project!

You can find this fabulous project here: Sunlight & Air blog: http://www.jenniferlake.com

Jennifer Lake of Sunlight & Air has a non-curable disease called Chiari Malformation she had to deal with as soon as possible in the middle of this project. It would be her THIRD neurosurgery in TEN months. I encourage you to read her blog about this and do something to help her with her medical costs here:


This came up in the middle of this project and the How I Thrive prompt came about because of it.

She decided to add a prompt and this was it: How I Thrive

And she challenged each of us to think about what makes us thrive. That’s what I love about this project: It makes you think about a topic that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily think about on your own as you document your everyday life.

Sometimes how you thrive is simple like mine is: family, art and sweets. Sure other things make me thrive but basically that’s really all I need every day to make me happy. Well, I think a vacation would also make me thrive but that’s another blog post: http://blacksheepbetsy.com/2015/01/15/project-life-we-need-a-vacation-2015/

Prompt #4: How I Thrive

I really like these different blocks with letters.

And here are the left and right sides that face each other in my album.

Here is the post from Jennifer Lake’s blog: Sunlight & Air: How I Thrive


Catch up with #myselfiescrapbook here: http://www.jenniferlake.com

and you can start anytime- just look on her blog!!

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