Project Life :: Goodnight, Sweet Neumann :: October 2015

We had Nuemann since he was a little, chubby 8 weeks old Pug puppy. He was 15 years old this month. We will miss him.

He was 15 years old on the left, and 13 on the right.

We had a great time with him.

Here he is with his sister Pearl. She was adorable. They were only 6 months apart and always together.

She was mostly deaf and blind in one eye so she followed Neumann everywhere he went. They loved each other. But they’re together again and running free. We enjoyed them for so many years. For that I am thankful.

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The 15th birthday: Remember this

My son. Smart, handsome, funny- I love making pages about my kids- who aren’t really kids anymore. But they will always be my kids to me.

These elements all mean something to me about my son, about being a boy, fun, funny, chores list, March is a lucky month, green, feathers and how I want to remember it all.

The 15th birthday and the At the lake pages will face each other in my 12×12 album.