Creative Team 2015 :: Project: #mystorybythedecade :: 1950s-2000s: FiNiSHED!

I was so excited to be asked to be on the Creative Team for this FaBuLoUs project by Andrea Gray @retrohipmama

#mystorybythedecade !!

Here’s how I tackled this project: First I divided my class and decade supplies into separate bags.

—–  My opening card  —–

—–  Introduction to My Life…The Beginning  —–

—–  The 1950s: Before I Was Born  —–

My dad and his side of the family

My mom and her side of the family

—–  The 1960s, Part 1: I Have Arrived!  —–

—–  The 1960s, Part 2: Grade School + 1970’s, Part 1: Young Girl  —–

—– 1970s, Part 1: Junior High —–

—–  The 1970s, Part 2: High School  —–

—–  The 1980s, Part 1: Graduation! Beauty College!  —–

—– The 1980s, Part 2: The Hair and Meeting My Husband  —–

—–  The 1980s, Part 3: My Firstborn and Family Time  —–

—–  The 1990s: My Middle Child and The Baby  —–

—–  The 2000s: The Kids Are Growing Up  —–

( I added this decade for fun )

—–  The Last Page: It’s Really All About Me  —–

Oh, this was a great project! I LOVED it!!

I believe supplies and class info may still be available from


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Creative Team 2015 :: Project: #mystorybythedecade: Class has started but you can still jump in!!

Have you ever thought about telling your story by the decade?

I never did but Retrohipmama and Kristymakes did and their original designs for their custom cards for this workshop are FaBuLoUS!!!!

And I’m on the Creative Team!!

The My Story by the Decade workshop is in full effect today – did you register?

When you register, you get:

– Access to a private classroom
– 6 days of inspiration from myself, kristy taylor, jessica upton, kelli rich and cynthia sorci
– Over 25 exclusively designed 3×4 pocket cards to help guide your layouts
– An album full of your childhood memories!
-Cost is just $20!

You can make a few pages or several- all about you!

To register go to:

( $20 for 25+ custom cards AND a workshop?! I can’t get over it!! )

Here are a few sneak

A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #4: How I Thrive :: 2015

I am loving this project!

You can find this fabulous project here: Sunlight & Air blog:

Jennifer Lake of Sunlight & Air has a non-curable disease called Chiari Malformation she had to deal with as soon as possible in the middle of this project. It would be her THIRD neurosurgery in TEN months. I encourage you to read her blog about this and do something to help her with her medical costs here:

This came up in the middle of this project and the How I Thrive prompt came about because of it.

She decided to add a prompt and this was it: How I Thrive

And she challenged each of us to think about what makes us thrive. That’s what I love about this project: It makes you think about a topic that maybe you wouldn’t necessarily think about on your own as you document your everyday life.

Sometimes how you thrive is simple like mine is: family, art and sweets. Sure other things make me thrive but basically that’s really all I need every day to make me happy. Well, I think a vacation would also make me thrive but that’s another blog post:

Prompt #4: How I Thrive

I really like these different blocks with letters.

And here are the left and right sides that face each other in my album.

Here is the post from Jennifer Lake’s blog: Sunlight & Air: How I Thrive

Catch up with #myselfiescrapbook here:

and you can start anytime- just look on her blog!!

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A Selfie Challenge: Project: #myselfiescrapbook: Prompt #1: Just Start. :: 2015

A Selfie Challenge!


You can also do this awesome challenge: feel free to jump in anytime – I did! Go to the Sunlight & Air blog at There are also photos, downloads and lots of ideas there. Plus you can go to Instagram and look at the tag: #myselfiescrapbook for even more ideas!

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Prompt #1: Just start.

Use a timer on your phone to get a different kind of selfie and take these photos- or take regular selfies- I just figured out there was timer on my phone!

1. Let’s see those hands

2. My favorite shirt

3. My favorite hairstyle

4. My favorite jewelry

5. What I carry

Here’s my Prompt #1: Just Start

Just start + My favorite shirt + My favorite jewelry

Let’s see those hands + My favorite hairstyle=changed to Good hair day 🙂

What I carry

and the final 12×12 layout:

One more…most people are putting these in a separate 4×4 Instagram size photo album but I’m putting mine in a separate 12×12 ‘special projects’ Project Life album. Here’s what I did:

Here’s my double layout:

Here is Jennifer Lake’s layout from Prompt #1: Just start:

Also see more info, photos and downloads!

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Take Ten Kits Creative Team :: Celebrate kit :: My Garden Burst Open! :: March 2015

The new Take Ten Kits March 2015 kit Celebrate is FaBuLoUs!!!

For this layout I used 2 of the 3×4 cards: Green Stripe and the Little Things. I also used the custom Emoji stamp designed by Take Ten Kits owner and designer Sara Mitchell! I also used enamel dots from a prior TTK. I used the wood grain paper, other green paper and more dots from my stash.

We had rain for a week or so and then a few warm days and when I went outside my front door, my garden had burst! The flowers were all opening! I guess spring came early to California this year.

I LOVE this card- I wish I had more than one.

The little dots are cute and they add a little dimension.

I cut this 4×6 in half-ish and added the date I went out into the garden. I decided to do the journaling in my own writing which I don’t do a lot.

The emoji stamps are so cute! And they’re big, which I like.

Oh! So many feelings when I saw the opened flowers in the garden. Unfortunately, even though I take allergy medicine every day, I started sneezing and sneezing so I went back inside.

I really enjoyed using these pieces in this layout. I have many more pieces left to use in a different Celebrate layout!!

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Take Ten Kits Creative Team :: Journey Kit: 1 Day, 2 Buses :: February 2015

I LOVE this month’s Journey kit!

This layout uses the Ballon 4×6 card, the blue and white Polka Dot 4×6 card, Geotag and Today’s Plan 3×4 cards, the Home 4×6 card, as well as the wood Duh piece. The wood stars are from a prior kit from Take ten Kits. The alphas are Creative Memories, from my stash.

My daughter and son took the bus for travel on the same day and I knew that would make a perfect layout for this month’s Journey kit and shows parts of their everyday lives.

The layout shows her departure and her arrival destination- perfect with the Go Where Your Heart Leads You card and the Geotag card.

Close up!

I love the dimension the pieces give.

I hope this layout gives you some ideas on how to use this month’s kit.

A Journey can be anything from travel to a life’s goal.

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