Paper Feathers, unfinished


I love paper feathers. i have been using them in scrapbook layouts but also as part of gift packaging. I tie them with a string and they make the packages so cute. I will have to photograph the next gift I use one on. 

These feather are unfinished. I need to have my husband sew them- he’s better than I am. I used a few papers that I thought will be great for autumn and winter. I used WRMK paper ‘Indian Summer’ as well as other papers. I used gold, silver and black paint as well as Mr. Huey white spray sprinkled and sprayed.

I drew my own feather shapes like I did in one of my first blog posts and then I copied them into three different sizes so they can be layered. I like the way they came out so far!


I like my relatives.



This was time consuming but fun to make. Each family has their own 12×12 frame. The other frames are filled with miscellaneous family photos. Even though it ooh a long time and many trips, with coupons, to the frame store, I think it came out fabulous.

This is my father’s family: his mother, father, brother and himself. And the husband and wife as a couple. Their last name as well as their first names are also in the frame. And all papers coordinate, some are duplicated for a cohesive and calm look. The photos are the most important thing. I made the name plates and the hearts out of coordinating papers, but all the frames have them.