Garden of Eady Challenge – 3rd Place

I saw this writing challenge and kept going back to the blog to read through it again. I knew it probably wasn’t exactly what she was looking for but I knew what I wanted to write about. So I just did it. And seeing this today thrills me to no end. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Third place? I’ll take it!!! Thank you.


Cynthia send me her article about gardening and I am really glad that she did it.
She helped me to remember my childhood and my grandparents. I have lost my grandparents too early and I have very few memories of them, but I will always remember the perfume of their garden and their love for gardening.

Here is a great article from Cynthia.
You may find more about her on Black Sheep Betsy.
Enjoy reading!

I have always loved gardening. I think it must have started when I would visit my grandmother in the country. In the winter we’d slosh around in heavy boots we could wear in the mud. The thick socks she would make me wear would keep my feet warm. We’d walk around, sometimes in the rain, looking at the fruit trees, and roses. They would be bare but we always looked at the stage the garden…

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